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    New BIOCIDAL cleaner - market ready in BULK

    We have been instructed by a client company to seek
    overseas agents/distributors with a view to establishing a long-term strategic business partnership. Our client has world distribution rights for a new and unique British product. It is now market ready available in bulk and will have radical implications for infection control in veterinary practice, hospitals and all bacterially challenged areas.

    It is the first biocidal cleaner in the world which works dry and stays 100% active for at least seven days after application. The product has been in R&D for ten years and is proven to kill all known pathogenic bacteria, including the super bug MRSA, E coli (0157H), Legionella Pneumophilia and Salmonella Enteritidis (see attached list). The product can be safely applied to all surfaces, including food trays, food preparation areas, washroom surfaces and even air conditioning filters.

    Please reply in the first instance by email.

  2. Biocidol

    We are in this market
    Pls contact us

    Prodex International
    BP 46 F77502 Chelles cedex

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    Antt: TNorris

    We are specialized in Environment & Chemical Products in Vietnam. Please, contact us for your details in Distributor discussion.
    Our email:

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    New Surface Cleaner

    Press Release
    November 2003



    An important new weapon in the ever more serious battle against pathogenic bacteria and viruses has been launched onto the world market and the implications for infection control throughout the world are profound!

    The result of more than ten years research and development by a British Biochemist. Steri-X is the worlds first biocidal solution proven to kill all known pathogenic bacteria, including the MRSA superbug, E Coli (0157H), Legionella Pneumophilia, Salmonella Enteritidis and Pseudomonas Aeruginosa, and remain 100% active for at least seven days.

    Gentle enough to use at home, yet potent enough to use in clinics, hospitals, veterinary surgeons, nursing homes, schools, dentists and doctors surgeries, the product can be safely applied to all surfaces, including fabrics, walls, floors, worktops, doors, sinks, baths, toilets, telephones, food trays and even food preparation areas.

    It is available in a 500ml-trigger spray for easy applications to surfaces and fabrics as well as a 5ltr container for larger areas. Once the liquid has been sprayed and wiped over the designated surface, it remains 100% effective for at least seven days, thanks to its patented Residual Barrier Technology (RBT). Normal surface cleaning and handling will not affect its efficacy. Steri-X can also be applied to air conditioning filters in offices and airplanes in order to prevent the spread of Legionella Pneumophilia and other bacteria that would otherwise be re-circulated.

    The formula has been tested by independent specialists and public health laboratories, their reports testify to the efficacy of this product.

    Strategic Business partners are being sought in all relevant market sectors.

    For more information please contact me

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