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Thread: PEBCO® Clamshell Gates

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    PEBCO® Clamshell Gates

    in Operation at a Large North America Quarrying Facility

    One of the world’s largest aggregate operations prefers PEBCO® clamshell gates in their North American facilities. Since 1995, forty-one (41) of these specially designed units have been purchased for this limestone quarry facility. These totally automated gates provide the necessary control to allow accurate blending of material to meet customer specifications.

    These PEBCO® clamshell gates serve as gravity feeders from stockpiles to conveyors. The crushed limestone weighs approximately 90 pcf and flow rates vary from 500 to 4,500 tons per hour. These particular units have a 24” x 48” opening and are operated hydraulically. They feature A-36 carbon steel construction with abrasion resistant steel strips on door edges and ends of the gate. The sides are lined with AR 400 BHN because of the abrasiveness of the crushed limestone.

    PEBCO®'s Clamshell gates have a proven rugged design and offers limited entrapment areas for material to hang up. Clamshell gates are typically used for cutting off or regulating material flow when loading hopper bins, conveyors and other containers. The dual cylinder version optimizes structural integrity and closing force. Optional seals can be purchased for fine or wet materials.

    For further information, please contact:
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