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Thread: Largest Plastic Track Plates

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    Largest Plastic Track Plates

    Quadrant Engineering Plastics Products (formerly Erta and Polypenco) recently produced the largest plastic track plates in the industry for the newest sub sea tractor developed by Soil Machine Dynamics Ltd. The machine runs on a D6 chain.

    The sub sea tractor is used to install the interconnecting array cables used to gather the power form offshore wind turbines. Despite weighing almost 60 tonnes (132,000 lbs) when fully loaded, the Nylatrack track plates are able to support and propel the vehicle on the weakest soils typical at wind farm sites.

    Nylatrack track plates are cast from a specially modified nylon and can be fitted on various kinds of machines operating on all types of surface. On paved roads, they cause no damage, and on soft ground, even marsh, they do not sink. Compared with steel plates, Nylatrack track plates are highly resistant to wear and corrosion, and light in weight up to 80% lighter, saving as much as 2500 kg per machine. Because of the flexibility of track plates, vibrations are absorbed and the noise of the undercarriage is muffled. The bending force is absorbed so that broken chains are no longer a problem.

    Standard track plates vary in width, weight and chain pitch for machines of up to 30 tonnes weight. For machines up to 90 tonnes, special plates can be designed. Different types are available for optimum traction or low surface pressure.

    For more information please visit:
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