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Thread: Design of a Planetary Ball Mill

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    Question Design of a Planetary Ball Mill

    Can somebody suggest some good book on designing a planetary ball mill.

    Also if somebody can suggest how much shoud be the distance between shaft of full vessel and shaft of jar rotating around main shaft and what the rpm of vessel should be.

    I have to design a ball mill for grinding 3 kg (4 ltrs) of ZnO powder in the shortest possible time.


  2. Ultra fine grinding innovation from Cyclotec Oy

    Dear Sir

    We are a multinational engineering team which is seeking cooperation to exploit a milling technology we have developed.

    Being an expert you would therefore understand our technology's potential

    The technology we have developed is for a continuous action planetary centrifugal mill for ultra fine and nano grinding. While in the development stage, we are providing milling services to local companies

    Prod. capacity is 1.5 t/h-continuous action

    Engine capacity of 37 kW.

    Milled material is minus five microns, 30% of this material is minus one micron in size.

    Initial fraction 5mm

    Hardness 10 by Moh scale

    surface area by Bet 5.1 m2 /gr

    The material stays mechanically activated during a period of six months

    If you would like further info about our technology, please let us know and I will send further data

    Thank you very much and hope to hear from you soon.

    Ezry Akkerman

    Cyclotec Oy

    email :
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