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Thread: MikroPul Provides Fume Control

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    MikroPul Provides Fume Control

    MikroPul Provides Fume Control for High Productivity Consteel® EAF

    MikroPul announced it will supply the 1.2 million ACFM Reverse Air type fume control system for the new Consteel® EAF meltshop at Wheeling Pittsburgh’s Mingo Junction facility. The 250 ton, high productivity EAF is being designed and manufactured by Techint. The furnace will work in conjunction with the efficient Consteel® and continuous hot metal charging technologies. Startup is expected in the 4th quarter of 2004.

    The fume system includes the baghouse, pneumatic dust conveying system, batching silo, silo off-loading system, main air fans with a total of 9000 HP air moving capacity and ductwork between the fans and the baghouse.

    The project is being handled out of MikroPul’s Pittsburgh office which serves the Steel, Foundry, and Non-Ferrous Metals Industries. MikroPul is a leading manufacturer of emissions control equipment and systems for a variety of industries worldwide.

    For more information, contact Mark Schirra at (724) 934-3921 or visit:

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    giantray Guest

    Fume Control for EAF

    Hi Mark,

    We are currently working with Concast Standard AG for a 100 MTPH (85 MT EAF) meltshop project in Taiwan.

    Would you like to spend sometime to study the preliminary layout drawing and advise if the space reserved for fume control plant is sufficient according to your past experience? No actual air volume is available as EAF contractor has not been nominated. Please advise so that we can send you the drawing file (very large one more than 3 MB).

    Also advise if you are interested to bid for this project. Fume control plant will be a separate contract when EAF contractor is nominated.

    Derek Lian

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