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Thread: Flow Control & Check Valve Inquiry

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    MUGAWAR Guest

    Inquiry No(rm/038/2003)

    Subject :-Our Inquiry No. RM/038/2003)



    -Please see the attached files(DRAWING AND SPECIFICATIONS)

    Dear Sirs;

    With reference to the captioned , please furnish us with your Offer based on the following terms and conditions :

    A) The Offer should abide by the full specifications of our Demand/Inquiry.

    B) Prices should be quoted on ( C & F ) Sana'a Air Port basis.

    C) Delivery time required: As mutually agreed on.

    D) An Advance Notice of the Dispatch/Shipment should be sent to us and simultaneously , copies of the
    necessary Documents to be sent in due time.

    E) Payment Terms: To be mutually agreed on and in any case, the Beneficiary shall issue a Performance Bond
    (Bank Guarantee) thru a Bank in Yemen covering 15% (fifteen percent) of Invoice total value to be valid for 90
    days from the date of the goods arrival and that be indicated to in the Offer.

    F) Your Offer should be received by us within (20-10-2003 ) date after which any offer would be considered
    invalid and unacceptable .

    G) Offers should be sent by courier in closed envelope or by registered mail during the stipulated
    period .Specifications could be sent thru fax or e-mail .

    Hoping to receive your quotation soon thru our captioned address.

    Best regards

    Qahtan M. Alnadhiri, BCP General Manager in Charge

    Yemen Republic
    Yemen Corporation for Cement Industry & Marketing
    Albarh Cement Plant ,Taiz, P.O.Box : 5873
    Tel. +967-4-355011, Fax:+967-4-355004/5

  2. valves

    dear sir,
    again, there is no attached file , would you please send us directly
    Best Regards

    United suppliers for engineering materials
    Amer bin malek st.
    Khalda - qudah building
    P.o.Box: 2444,Amman: 11821,Jordan
    Tel.: +962 6 5560030
    Fax: +962 6 5560040 Jordan / +1 801 327 0714 USA

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