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Thread: Charging Cement from Truck to Silo

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    Charging Cement from Truck to Silo


    How far is it possible to blow cement , in 4" pipe,
    upwards and away. We are using GHH CG 80 units. max 2 bar.

    in angle about 30 degrees.

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    We at NMF Equipments and Plants P Ltd. are engaged in design, manufacture and supply of Bulk Transport Tankers, used for cement, fly-ash, Lime (containing particulars upto 10mm, De-sulphurising Compound, which discharge the contents into overhead Silos/Hoppers, quite successfully at the rate going upto 60 Tons/Hr.

    We used air to attain velocity +17 mps and pressure depending upon Horizontal, Vertical Pipe Line lengths and Nos of long radius 90 deg. bends.

    Actually the transport velocity depends upon size of the largest particle (microns) SG of the material, and pipe-line length.

    While I have been in this field of Bulk Transport since 1956, (during service upto 1969, We as NMF Equipments & Plants have been manufacturing Bulk Transport Trucks since 1972.

    I would be delighted to have your comments/information, if any regarding your problem. Please do provide all the information regarding Pipe-line, Granulometric properties of the material to be conveyed etc. etc.


    Mukhtar Singh

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    Dennis Hauch - Freeport, TX, USA Guest

    Cement Tanker Unloading


    In tanker unloading the goal is to use all of the available pressure, in your case it is 2 bar. This means that the unloading rate will be maximized according to the distance it must be transferred, specifically, the longer the distance the lower the rate.

    You mentioned an incline of 30 degrees in your note. Tanker unloading is accomplished in a quasi-dilute-phase conveying regime. Dilute-phase hates inclined pipes, the rate and distance will be incredibly reduced if the pipeline is inclined. Go with horizontals and verticals.

    Best regards,

    Dennis Hauch

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