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Thread: Dusting from Ball Mill during Discharge

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    jtekchandaney Guest

    Dusting from Ball Mill during discharge

    Particle size reduction of Ferro-Silicon is achieved in a Ball Mill. After operating the ball mill for about 2 hours and obtaining the desired particle size (Approximately 80 mesh) for 80% of the total charge, the centrally located discharge nozzle of the Ball Mill is fitted with a screen of the above mentioned mesh size. The material is discharged through the screen and collected in a container below even while the ball mill is rotating. This is done to ensure that material that is above 80 mesh does not discharge until and unless it reduces to the desired size. Because the ball mill is in operation even during discharge, these is substantial amount of dusting.

    Could any one suggest other ways of discharging the material from the ball mill without any compromise on desired particle size, and without addition of extra time to the operation.
    While measures have been taken to capture the dust (using bag filter) the objective is to reduce dust generation.

    Thank You

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    Dry Milling in a Ball Mill

    The typical arrangement for this type of milling application is to discharge the entire batch of product through a grate (to hold the grinding balls inside the mill) into a stationary dry discharge housing with a hopper section on the lower half. These housings typically seal at the main shafts of the cylinder. A vibratory screener is mounted below the hopper section to separate the oversized material.

    Continuous discharging through the screen you have described would be a very slow process since very little of the product will be available to the screen unless your manhole frame extends the length of the mill. You should insure that you have the right ratio of product to balls, insuring that all of the product is within the "grinding zone". If you load material above the ball charge, some of the material will "float" above the ball charge and not get ground at the same rate as the material within the ball charge.

    Please feel free to contact me to discuss your process in greater detail.

    Barry Fuller

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    jtekchandaney Guest
    Thanks Barry

  4. Can you provide a drwg. of the mill and a flow diagram?
    Fax # xx1 314 878 0120

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    imalok Guest

    what abt vertical mill

    how can i remove charge without balls for vetical ball mill (ie having 2 cylinders vertical rotating on same drive).

    i would prefer charge getting out without tilting cylinders as they are big of abt 17 kgs each.

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    dust problem in crushing plants

    Dear Sir,

    I am an old quarry manager and for the dust problem in crushing and screening plants I suggest you to use special new magnetic dust soppressor in the crushing hopper dischargers and dust air filter in screening plant.
    If you want to reduce the cost in screening process I suggest you to use polyurethane cover that overlap the first screen deck.
    On the hopper you must to arrange a special low pressure dischargers (also in orizontal crushing machines)
    For any additional information not hesitate to contact me:


    A. MARIO

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    FogCannon Guest

    Lightbulb FogCannon is the solution

    Please have a look at our website. The FogCannon is the best and innovative solution for everyone's dust suppression problems.

    Please don't hesitate to contact me for any further questions.

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