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Thread: Low-loading Bag Discharger

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    Low-loading Bag Discharger

    Low-loading bag discharger solves batching height problem

    Spiroflow provided the solution for a major chemicals company needing a bulk bag discharger that could overcome a distinct lack of headroom and incorporate a number of customised features to batch silicon carbide into a mixing tank.

    Spiroflow solved the problem by designing a machine with a special low profile hoist and unloading station operating having a height of only 3.2m, compared to the head room of at least 4m required by most bulk bag discharges on the market when an integral hoist is included on the machine.

    The bag is untied by means of an access door in the product transfer chute directly under the discharger. The machine also incorporates a flexible screw conveyor.

    Load cells are located at the mid-section, enabling batch weights of product to be discharged from the bulk bag as required. Massage bars aid the flow of product from the bag into the discharge chute and conveyor.

    For more information, please contact:
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