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Thread: Komarek's New Laboratory Roller Press

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    Komarek's New Laboratory Roller Press


    A new bench-scale laboratory model roller press has been developed by K.R. Komarek, Inc., designed specifically for research and small laboratory projects.* Model B-050, the smallest press briquetter yet produced by Komarek, can provide conclusive briquetting (compaction) tests on a variety of materials with samples as small as 200g (7oz).

    The new design features complete separation of the process zone from the rest of the equipment.* Assemblies in contact with the materials being tested are all stainless steel, easily removable for quick setup changes, cleaning and sterilization.* An integrated mixing system accommodates preparation of small batches with binders or other additives, then deposits the mixed material directly into a screw feeder which delivers a precise flow to the compacting rolls.

    This self-contained unit measures only 27" (686mm) wide x 27" (686mm) deep x* 30.5" (775mm) high, and weighs 615 lbs (280 kg).* Vertically paired compacting rolls measure 3.9" (100mm) in diameter x* 1.5" (38mm) wide and apply max. roll force of 50 kN, with 750 Nm roll torque.* Throughput rates of up to 55 lbs (25 kg) per hour are possible.

    Front-panel controls offer independent dial-type speed selection for the screw feeder and compacting rolls, while rear-panel displays confirm actual RPM values.* Integral sensing and instrumentation include four rear-panel lighted meters which display screw torque, roll gap, roll force and roll torque values.** The electrical panel also provides outputs to a data acquisition system.* Model B-050 operates on 220 VAC, 50/60 Hz single-phase service and draws total power of 1500 W.

    Full-size roll briquetters and compactors from K.R. Komarek Inc. apply up to 330 tons of roll force to agglomerate loose powdery fines, granular or shredded materials, ranging from baghouse dust to semi-dry sludges, into solid compact in sheet, stick or briquet forms.* The company offers the widest range of roll-type machines in the industry, with current capacities ranging from 25 pounds/hr up to 60 tons/hr.* Briquet sizes range from less than 8 mm (0.3") to 152 mm (6") or more.*

    In addition to standard industrial-grade equipment, K.R. Komarek, Inc. can provide process and system solutions from initial R&D to final design for ores and minerals, coal, coke, charcoal, metal chips and powders, salts, fertilizers, chemical products, food, pharmaceuticals and many other particulate materials.* For each specific application, parts exposed to wear (rolls, feed screws, liners) are designed for optimum service lives with an attractive cost/benefit ratio.

    Founded in 1968, the company also supports K.R. Komarek Briquetting Research Inc., dedicated to testing and developing new briquetting and compacting applications.

    For more information, visit
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