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Thread: Handling Settled Salt Slurry

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    Handling Settled Salt Slurry

    I have settleinng tank with cone that the salt slurry is settled, the vapour and a little amount of hydrocarbon is separated and take out fron top on the vesels, the temp of this salt slurry is 120 C and I want to keep it in the vessel without leak and then transfer it to the desired place.

    How I can keep it in the vessel without leaking in the valves?

    What is the most suitable way of handeling it? transportable tanks?

  2. salt slurry ?

    If you are going to use a portable tank for this make sure it is glass lined as it will eat the tank quickly-heat and salt water are a bad combination for anything- you might consider a an upright transport tank with a suction port coming out of the top- this would maintain tank integrity without a valve in the bottom to allow for an eventual leak.

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