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Thread: NPK Moisture Analysis

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    ccervera Guest

    Arrow NPK moisture analysis

    Hello friends,

    I like to take the moisture from NPK fertilizer on-line.

    can you suggest a company to me that sells these equipment?.


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    You may try
    Or contact me.

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    Dscher Guest
    Dear ccervera,
    the new 2 parameter moisture measurement might be a solution for your needs. Please visit our website or contact me for furter details and email brochure. Our 2parameter method enables you to measure online the moisture in NPK fertilizer fast and accurate.
    Best regards
    Jrn Dscher

  4. NPK moisture analysis

    Try Indutech at the following website.

    Phil Cancilla,
    Heath & Sherwood (1964) Limited

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    ACO Guest
    If you have fertilizer pelleted or as a slurry os as a granulate, then I can propose to try the ACO online moisture sensors.
    They are flexible, easy to use, robust and very reliable and are suitable for many applications.
    Look under
    It is worth it.
    Best regards
    Johannes m. Mergl

  6. I don't understand if you want to reduce the moisture of the fertilizer during transfer or measure the moisture during transfer.

    Both can be accomplished by broadband microwave.

    For more info contact:

    Antonio Reis
    Vitrom Mfg Consultants
    Your Process and Manufacturing Solutions
    Phone: 209.834.1900
    Fax: 209.834.1039

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    ACO Guest

    Moisture measurement in fretilizers

    Dear Antonio,
    in Europe we make fertilizers from slurry and waste and it is mixed and blended with a certain moisture (28%to 38%). Then it is dried in a rotary kiln down to 8% moisture. Either pellets as fertilizers or bars for burning material can be pressed out of this mass. If you exceed or underpass this moisture the quality can not be guaranteed within certain limits. Also the weight is important for the payment. If you add weight by water, the customers get quite angry :-)
    At the seed coating and production the seeds are dried first, then coated with fertilizer and the remoistened again, because the base of payment is weight. Otherwise companies like Cargill or Pioneer Seeds could not survive :-)
    Best regards,
    Johannes m. Mergl

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