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Thread: Instant Response Fire & Spark Detection Sensors

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    Instant Response Fire & Spark Detection Sensors

    MPS Talentum is proud to present the latest advance in Fire and Spark Detection Sensors. Utilizing ultraviolet (UV), infrared (IR), and various combinations of advanced photocells, sensors are available for use in various applications.

    From fully enclosed ducts, to exposed outdoor applications, MPS sensors provide instant response to spark or flame. Utilizing sophisticated techniques to look for flickering light, they are unaffected by dust, rain, and condensation, eliminating false alarms, typical of lesser detectors, which depend on a calibrated rise in heat or certain level of CO.

    Easy to set up, Accurate in its readings and Reliable in service. We provide fire detection that does not take hours to set up and calibrate. Incorporating 4-20mA current loops allows sensors to be connected to many existing plant PLCs and monitoring systems. Additionally, relay contacts are provided, along with self checking function, for fail safe operation.

    For more information, pleae visit:
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