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Thread: Grinding Limestone

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    Grinding Limestone

    We are grinding limestone for 150 mesh and by coloum flotation we are separating the silica (SiO2) from limestone. The out*put material after beneficiation* contains 30% moisture.

    Our problem is we want to go again for 20 to 50 microns size. So we want to go for regrindig the 150 mesh limestone powder .

    Our doubt is

    1. Is it possible to regrind wet limestone powder of 150 mesh* to 20 to 50 microns.

    2. In dry conndition is it possible to regrind* limestone powder of 150 mesh* to* 20 to 50 microns.

    Please reply to us. we are seeking technology for this.


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    R. Schatz - G&A Industrieanlagen, Germany Guest
    Dear Sir

    Our G&A AIRMILL and PROCOM mills are suitable for the dry fine grinding and also for simultaneous grinding and drying of limestone.
    A Fineness of 20 to 50 micron could be achieved - for specific requirements of the powders a classifier may be necessary
    We kindly ask you to specify your application:
    - required capacities
    - requireents concerning particle size distribution of feed material(s) and final product(s)

    Please contact:

    - Rolf Schatz -

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    Lawrence K. Nordell

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    A ball mill and hydro-cyclone would do the trick. More information is needed to design a circuit, size the components, and apply the other criteria which may restrict selections. Most manufacturers such as Metso can help if you want new equipment.

    If you want used equipment, I can give some sources. I am sure others will come forward.

    You need to be more specific on the details to encourage consultants to lend a hand.

    CDI cannot design circuits anymore ( a few years) due to our agreement with Metso.

    Lawrence Nordell
    Conveyor Dynamics, Inc.

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