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Thread: New Developments in Conical Mixing

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    New Developments in Conical Mixing

    “ Food for Thought ”

    Hosokawa Micron introduces a complete new product line of the famous
    Vrieco-Nauta® conical mixer especially for use in the food industry. Based on demands from the market with respect to flexibility of process and cleanability Hosokawa started in the year 2000 with the development of this new mixer line which was successfully introduced in 2001.

    Flexibility of process:
    The new mixer line offers you the possibility to adjust the mixing energy to a level which is most optimal for your process without compromising to the end result. Frequency controlled drive units, an “intensifier” high speed rotor and a range of mixing screws enables you to adjust the mixing process to your demands.

    First criteria while thinking of cleaning is “how can cleaning be avoided?”. The new Hosokawa mixer line is designed in such a way that the risk of residual product in the vessel after discharge is reduced to a minimum. In cases where cleaning can not be avoided, Hosokawa offers a standard range of manual and automatic cleaning systems for wet and dry cleaning

    Design features of the new Vrieco-Nauta® mixer:

    • Cantilevered mixers with central bottom discharge up till 40.000 liters
    • Sanitary vessels with semi domed cover as a standard.
    • Sanitary mixing screw
    • Adjustable energy input for every process
    • Sanitary drive design with FDA approved seals.
    • A range of manual and automatic cleaning systems (optional)
    • Mixer design with reduced build in height (optional)
    • Big inspection doors for easy access. (optional).

    The Vrieco-Nauta® conical mixer is produced in a range of 5 – 100.000 liters
    (product capacity).

    For further information please contact:
    Mr. D. Goris at

    Figure legend:
    Vrieco-Nauta® mixer - 40.000 liter
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