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Thread: Questions about the Belt Conveyor Market

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    pe.dolhen - Erasteel, France Guest

    some questions about belt conveyor market

    I am studying the market of scrapers for belt conveyor, and I need some informations that are difficult to find. If you can not answer these questions, can you give me an idea where to find those informations?

    - What is the proportion of vulcanized conveyor belt in comparison with fastenered conveyor belt? (exact figures or approximations)

    - how many conveyors do use fastener? (quantity)

    - who are the main producers of scraper (if you have the marketshares, it will be fabulous)?

    - what are the main companies which repair the conveyor belt (vulcanization expert....)?

    - In what are made the scrapers?(links between uses and materials...)

    - What is the most used material to make scraper? (proportion of the other materials)

    Thank you

  2. pe.dolhen,

    You are not likely to get definitive numbers for the market questions you are researching. However, you can get approximations (and opinions), if you further define your questions.

    Primarily, what geographical areas are you interested in? If you are looking for a global report, the figures will be less reliable than for a country or regional response. Secondarily, are you interested in the conveyor/fastener/scraper market for a specific industrial sector (e.g. mining, power plants, grocery stores, etc.), or do you want a general response? (NOTE: if you want a general response, without regard for the conveyor type or end use - there are far more mechanical splices used than vulcanized splices and most of the conveyors in the world do not use any scrapers. This statement is based on the large number of conveyors used in stores, package handling facilities, and light industrial applications.)

    Dave Miller
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    pe.dolhen - Erasteel, France Guest
    We are developping a blade in High Speed Steel, that's why we need informations about the market of belt conveyor.
    we need to know what is the proportion of clip-belt and vulcanized belt in order to know if our product has advantage in comparison with plastic belt(for wear)or with carbite (for fragility).

  4. pe.dolhen,

    You have not identified your market yet.

    From your product description, it appears that you are interested in the bulk material handling (conveyance) of stone, powders, coal, et cetera.

    Although you can get rough data from the belt manufacturers and from various government trade departments, you are probably best served to hire a market survey company.

    I am somewhat confused, however, by your base question. Most belt cleaners are marketed to provide belt cleaning on belts that are spliced mechanically, vulcanized, or cold cure. Does your new product not work well with mechanical splices? If it does, then your question about splice type does not appear to be relevant.

    I can do a survey for you -- but I will need more information and I charge for that type of work.

    Dave Miller
    ADM Consulting
    10668 Newbury Ave., N.W.,
    Uniontown, Ohio 44685 USA
    Tel: 001 330 265 5881
    FAX: 001 330 494 1704

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