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Thread: Fine Powder Transportation in Bulk

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    Fine powders transportation in bulk

    Are special vessels needed for the transportation of fine powders (325mesh) in bulk and not in bbs?

  2. powders in container liners

    Geoty Ltd. manufactures high quality container liners for the transportation of fine granules and powders. These liners allow a standard shipping container to be filled with powder/granules without fear of leakage or contamination.

    We currently supply these container liners to various producers in America, Europe and Israel at highly competitive prices. From our experience shipping high value granules (e.g. PVC) in liners, we have developed liners with specially reinforced seams that guarantee no leakage through the stitching. Our liners can also be custom produced with filling/discharge tubes, windows, markings etc. according to your requirements and the requests of the clients to whom the goods will be shipped.

    Also, by replacing a standard container with 20 FIBCs and 20 pallets we are able to offer a saving of approximately US$300 per container using our liners!
    Ms. Caroline Behrman
    Export Manager

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