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Thread: Elevator Bolts

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    Elevator Bolts

    Please send us information about elevator bolts, the measurements are:

    5/16 x 1 1/4 (stainly steel) the amount needed are 6200 units.

    We also like to know the price and time of shipping.

    Thanks for your time


    Ph. 6469411
    Fax 6463218
    Bucaramanga- Colombia

  2. Please specify the DIN number (specifiation)


  3. bolts

    dear sir,
    please advice us if your inquiry is still alife or not ?
    Best Regards

    United suppliers for engineering materials
    Amer bin malek st.
    Khalda - qudah building
    P.o.Box: 2444,Amman: 11821,Jordan
    Tel.: +962 6 5560030
    Fax: +962 6 5560040 Jordan / +1 801 327 0714 USA

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    Dear Sir,

    Enexco is a leading supplier of Belt type bucket elevators and associated accessories.
    We can supply elevator fixing bolts as well . Please confirm if the enquiry is still valid and arrange to send us detailed requirement with elevator basic details like type of belt / buckets etc.


    Vice President
    Enexco Teknologies India Ltd
    Fax no 00 91 11 2669 1543
    e mail :

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    Dear Patricia,

    We can supply such bolts,

    Please visit our site

    If any question or remark please let me know,

    Kind regards,

    VAV bv
    Perry van der Ploeg
    Sales Manager

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