Subject :-Our Inquiry No. INST/098/2002)


1-CABLE JUNCTION BOX ,PR6021/08******* *** ************ Qty.=2 PCS
2-LOAD CELLS,( PR6221)******************************************Qty.=6 PCS
3-INDICATOR (TERMINAL) TRUCK XS**** *** *** *********** Qty.=1 PC
4-TICKET PRINTER*************************************************** Qty.=2 PCS
5-RIBBON FOR PRINTER****************************************** Qty.=6 PCS
6-EXTENSION CABLE, PR6135********************************* *Qty.=2 PCS

Dear Sirs;

With reference to the captioned , please furnish us with your Offer based on the following terms and conditions :

A)* The Offer should abide by the full specifications of our Demand/Inquiry.

B)* Prices should be quoted on ( C & F )* Sana'a Air Port** basis.

C)* Delivery time required: As mutually agreed on.

D)* An Advance Notice of the Dispatch/Shipment should be sent to us and simultaneously , copies of the*****
*** necessary Documents to be* sent in due time.

E)* Payment Terms: To be mutually agreed on and in any case, the Beneficiary shall issue a Performance Bond
** (Bank Guarantee) thru a Bank in Yemen covering 15% (fifteen percent) of Invoice total value to be valid for 90
** days from the date of the goods*arrival and that be indicated to in the Offer.

F)* Your Offer should be received by us within (05-10-2003 ) date after which any offer would be considered
****invalid and unacceptable .

G)* Offers should be sent by courier in closed envelope or by registered mail during the stipulated
**** period .Specifications could be sent thru fax or e-mail .

Hoping to receive your quotation soon thru our captioned address.

Best regards

Qahtan M. Alnadhiri
BCP General Manager in Charge

Yemen Republic
Yemen Corporation for Cement Industry & Marketing
Albarh Cement Plant, Taiz, P.O. Box : 5873

Tel. +967-4-355011, Fax:+967-4-355004/5