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Thread: Rotary Valves for ATEX

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    matteo artioli Guest

    Question rotary valves for atex

    Dear sirs,
    my company is rotary valve manufacturer and we are try to redesign our valve according to ATEX 94/9/CE,
    so I'm writing you becouse I would like to ask you if there are norms in which is described how to design rotary valve (minimum leakage, minimum thikness of the body ecc,ecc) for potentialy explosive atmosfere (according ATEX 94/9/CE) able to whitstand the Pmax during an explosione.

    Please if you know some of these norms that can help me, suggest it.
    Whaiting for your replay, I give you my
    Best Regard

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    When I was quoted a rotary valve specifically for explosion isolation the supplier commented that it was a variation to their normal production and in operation would need more maintenance to ensure the clearances did not get too large due to wear so making it unsuitable for explosion isolation.

    I believe that being placed on the market as a safety device testing by a third party would be necessary.

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