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Thread: Fly Ash System in Korea

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    Fly Ash System

    Dear Sir,

    It is my pleasure to contact you.

    To introduce ourselves briefly, we are, as import company and foreign manufacturer's representitive, handling bulk and powder handling equipment, components in South Korea.

    We are looking for the company of*bottom ash and *fly ash treatment system in coal fired power plant as followings:

    - To have some contruction experience of over 500 MW power plant for above systems.

    -*The company will do technical collaboration jointly with our customer who is a Korean*construction company and equipment supplying.

    Could you please recommend us suitable companies?

    Your kind response will be appreciated.

    Best regards,
    D. S. Kim / Director
    BS International Co.
    Tel : +82-32-588-0330
    Fax : +82-32-588-0332
    e-mail :

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    Dear Sir,

    We are a small Swedish supplier of equipment and turnkey plants for fly ash handling and humidification.

    And we may, at best, have some reference deliveries of turnkey plants that are relevant for your client's current projects.

    But as we have served mainly the Swedish industry, we have very limited experience from export projects others than one successfull large turnkey plant delivery (an ash humidification plant of capacity 2 x 90 tons/hour), 1995, to a Czech client.

    Mr John Nordstrm
    Assistant Manager Sales and Marketing
    AB Nordstrms Konstruktionsbyr,
    Storgatan 58
    SE-903 30 Ume

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