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    Goodyear Conveyor Belts

    Goodyear Conveyor Belt Exceeds Expectations

    SALT LAKE CITY, Utah – Controlling tension is one secret to a longer life. So, when the operator of a western mining installation replaced its conveyor belt system that had lasted 50 percent longer than expected, it did what any satisfied customer would do. It went back to the original manufacturer – Goodyear Engineered Products – for more tension control.

    The first Goodyear conveyor belt at this site was retired after 15 years service and 700 million tons of product transported. The replacement – a Goodyear Flexsteel ST3500 conveyor belt – is living up to its predecessor’s reputation, and then some, according to Mike Braucher, Goodyear’s conveyor belt marketing manager. “We kicked the belt’s performance up another notch with technological advances in our manufacturing process,” said Braucher.

    Goodyear’s proprietary tension control system was used for the first time during the large-scale production run to individually tension 106 steel cords running the length of each belt segment. “Equal tension across the width of the belt during production gives a higher quality product with longer life expectancy,” said Braucher.

    The 35,000-foot long, 72-inch wide belt was assembled on site in 24 spliced sections. “After installation, a value-added service Goodyear provides is periodic electronic belt inspections,” said Braucher. “This on-site technology helps determine cover wear and predict life expectancy, and has shown the belt is exceeding expectations once again.”

    Mining success depends on the reliability of many operating components, he explained. So, Goodyear Sensor Guard 2000, an electronic monitoring system, was installed to quickly shut down the system to minimize belt damage if a belt rip or tear is detected. To reduce downtime during the belt changeover, the work was coordinated with a relocation of other mining equipment. “The entire belt was spliced in advance and layered near the installation site to expedite the process,” said John Henley, vice president for National Belt Service, Inc., a Goodyear Authorized Distributor.

    Five of the 24 splices performed by National Belt Service, Inc., involved Goodyear’s patented Splice Preform – a technology used to decrease splice time by reducing cord lay-up and cement drying time. “Completing the splicing operation prior to the scheduled shutdown reduced downtime from 18 to four days,” explained Henley, “which translated into a lot more copper mined for the month.”

    Goodyear Engineered Products, a global manufacturer of heavy-duty and lightweight conveyor belts, is also a leading producer of industrial hose and power transmission products.

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