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Thread: Mobile Ship Loader

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    Mobile Ship Loader

    Dear Sir,
    This has reference to our requirement of mobile type ship loader at one of our export terminal.

    Broad requirement / specification of ship loader are as follows:
    Purpose :
    Transferring Bentonite / Bauxite directly from dumpers to ship.

    Material to be handled:
    Bentonite / Bauxite

    Density of material:
    0.8 tonne / cubic meter to 1.2 tonne / cubic meter

    Particle size of material :
    From 25 mm to maximum 200 mm

    Capacity of ship loader :
    750 Tonne per hour(TPH)

    Mode of receiving material:
    Through 20 to 25 tonne dumpers.

    Height of dumper from ground in tilted position
    @ 700 mm

    Width of dumper
    @ 2.5 mtr

    Width of jetty available for operation of mobile ship loader.
    15 to 18 mtr

    Height of ship from jetty
    @ 8 mtr

    Discharge point of ship loader from jetty end:
    @ 8 mtr

    Mobile ship loader should be capable of directly receiving material from dumpers at the height of @ 0.700 meter and transfer the same to ship’s hatch at the height of @ 9 meters from jetty level and at distance of @ 8 meters form jetty end.

    We are scouting for suitable supplier of above Mobile ship loader.
    Interested parties can contact undersigned and can even plan a visit to site.

    Thanks and regards,



    E-mail :
    Tel. : 00-91-79-5830131/5836444
    Fax : 00-91-79-5464359/5836444

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    Mobile Shiploader

    Dear Mr. Aghera:
    EDC Inc. is a bulk materials handling company since 1966. We have experience with mobile shiploaders, as well as handling bauxite.

    To learn more about us, please visit our website:

    We are interested in working with you on your shiploader project. We would require some additional information regarding site conditions and specific requirements relative to the shiploader.

    Please contact me directly at

    Walter J. Herbst P.E.

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