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Thread: Seeking Cooperation in Pneumatic Conveying

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    seeking cooperation!

    We are Shandong Province Huifeng Machinery Group General Company, it is skeleton blower manufacturer of Ministry of Machine Building with technique and experience of designing and manufacturing blowers for more than 30 years, so we are large-scale blower manufacturer with most advanced technology in China. It is divided into five subsidiary companies and a foreign trade company and also has two Sino-Japanese joint ventures. Our company has 50 sales offices over the country and the main product-roots blowers covers 50 percent of national market, and we produce rotating feeders, shunt valves etc. To further development of the company, we are looking for partner which is famous in manufacturing pneumatic conveying systems to develop China market.

    About the cooperation methods, the first one is establishing joint ventures in zhangqiu city, and we can negotiate about the investment proportion of both sides, the second method is that we introduce yours technologies, and we produce the products ourselves, but we tend to the first method.

    We will exchange and cooperate with your company based on ¡°mutual benefits and co-development¡±.

    You can login the website to get more information.

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    I think it is a chance for your companies to enter China market!!

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