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Thread: Dry Screening of Coal

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    norris september - Sasol, RSA Guest

    Dry screening of coal

    I am currently scanning the market for suppliers who can provide dry screening technology based on the following data.

    Required fractions: +4mm - 35mm
    + 35mm
    Feed tonnage: 350 tph and higher
    Solid density: 1.7 t/m^3
    Bulk density: 0.94 t/m^3
    Inherent moisture: 4.5%
    Superficial moisture: 3.4% Average dry season
    4.1% maximum dry season
    2.1% minimum dry season
    6.7% average wet season
    8% maximum wet season

    Feed Particle size distribution is as follow:

    Size range (mm) Cum % passing
    90 100
    75 97.8
    53 90.1
    25 72.6
    12.5 55.2
    9.5 49.4
    8 46.2
    6.3 41.4
    5.6 39.9
    5 38.1
    4 35.8
    3.35 33.5
    2 26.0
    1 19.6
    0.5 15.1


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    George Baker

    George Baker

    Vice President- Corporate Communications

    Assinck Ltd. [eDir]

    Assinck Ltd.

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    Coal screens

    I have a "unique" line of "specialty" vibrating equipment that will suit your screening criteria and it will NOT BLIND or PLUG while doing the job, even with the moisture content.

    to hear more.........please contact me at


    George Baker - Moderator

  3. Dear Mr. Norris,

    Your requirement is not unusual and you will find many suppliers for the application. However, please also mention the hard groove index of coal, type of impurities (foreign materials) in the coal, operating hours in a day and also in a year.

    Ishwar G Mulani.
    Author of Book : Engineering Science and Application Design for Belt Conveyor
    Email :

  4. JVI, in Houston, TX, specializes in heavy duty vibratory coal feeding equipment and manufactures coal screens to the exact application requirments. If you will go to
    and fill out the Screen Apllication Quote Request form, we will provide you with a quote for a coal screen very soon.
    You may also browse photos of screens and feeders at our website,

    Good Luck

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    Dear Mr. Norris,

    Should you still be searching for a solution, may I suggest your attention towards

    Best rgds,
    Fedor Schiefer

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