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Thread: Drying of Belt

  1. Drying of Belt

    Dear Sirs,

    Is there any solution for Quick drying of belt before use. The belt after water washing takes few hours to dry the belt wasting conveying time.
    Any Hot air blower or other means of quick drying is in the market?

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    Peter Brown Guest
    I believe that 'air knives' have been sucessfully used to de-water and dry conveyor belts.

  3. Dear Mr. Subra,

    The well designed conveyor system plant generally includes water cleaning line and air cleaning line along belt conveyors. These lines have tapping points at regular spacing. The flexible rubber hose of about 10-15 meter length enables to clean / wash conveyor including idlers, belt, structural etc. Subsequently, air-cleaning line is used in same manner to clean / dry all components of conveyor. The water line as well as air cleaning line are pressure charged to create water and air jet of velocity sufficient to do function, but not to damage conveyor.

    It is necessary to dry all items of conveyors including conveyor switches. Only drying of belt is not adequate.

    Ishwar G Mulani.
    Author of Book : Engineering Science and Application Design for Belt Conveyor
    Email :

  4. The time to wash and dry a belt certainly depend on the lenght of the belt and the type of belt.
    In plants where steam is readly available, one can pressure wash the belt without large water residue. An aspirator immidiately after the spray nozzles will remove the excess water and hot air blowers can finish drying the belt.
    If low moisture is required in the process, one can run the conveyor thru a small drying chamber with nitrogen or argon.
    Antonio Reis

  5. Drying belt

    Thank you for your kind informaions.Mr Peter Brown, recomendation seems to be related and we will send enquiry with more details.

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