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Thread: Form Fill and Seal Bags

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    gepjohn Guest

    form fill and seal bags

    we have just converted to form, fill and seal pp bags for our product line , we need help sizing the bags , thicker versus longer , narrower so they fit on a pallet . Where would I go to learn how the bags are sized . bag supplier and bagging eqpt suppliers not very helpful . We have a product line that varies in bulk density and we are tring to adapt the new eqpt to exisiting palletizing eqpt . thanks

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    Bob Drasner Guest

    Sizing of FFS Bags

    Please contact me at and state the material you are bagging and the manufacturer of the FFS machine. For more information on us. please visit
    Best regards,
    Bob Drasner

  3. FFS Bags

    I have much experience filling 25kg bags of plastic pellets from Windmoller & Hoelscher Diamont FFS.
    You need to start with something - suggest pallet size.
    Then decide bag pattern & rough bag size to fit that pallet.
    Will tell you what width of FFS film roll you need - maybe you are there already.
    Operator needs to adjust actual bag lenth on the machine as bulk density varies - easy to do, but people need to be aware they must do it.
    Obviously pallet load will be looser or tighter as bag length changes.

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    I. Temple,

    My company is also using W&H Diamant FFS. Do you use the Libraweigher from Librawerks for your weighing system?


  5. Packaging - Form Fill & Seal Bags

    No we do not use the Libraweigher
    - we have Paxall inline double bucket dumping scale above the
    machine - one bucket filling & weighing,while the other is
    dumping, & a Toledo Scale "legal for trade" checkweigher
    (looks like a short belt conveyor) in the bag conveying system
    The checkweigher controls an underweight bag kick-off system to recycle underwewight bags for refilling.

  6. Proper bag size

    Just contact Haver & Boecker in Oelde/Germany. They operate a laboratory to investigate into the material properties to determine the apprpriate bag dimensions. (ph.: +49 2522 30-0) .

    Dr. Holger Lieberwirth

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