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Thread: Seminars on Pneumatic Conveying?

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    MrConveyor - MacEquipment, USA Guest

    Are there any Pneumatic Conveying Traing classes out there?

    Looking to get some training in the area of oneumatic conveying. Anyone have any insite on seminars or classes?

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    Author Guest
    Where are you located?

    Reinhard H. Wohlbier

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    MrConveyor - MacEquipment, USA Guest
    Kansas City Area

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    Paulsolt Guest

    Pneumatic Conveying Seminars

    If you are still looking for a seminar on pneumatic conveying, there is one going to be held in York, NE on October 5 and 6. It is being hosted by Cyclonaire and will include both lecture and actual lab demonstartions.
    There are several lecturers presenting the material. Information is available at 800-445-0730. ask for Scott Schmid.

    February 28 - March 3, 2005, the Center for Professional Advancement will offer a four day training in East Brunswick, NJ. Information is available at their web site or call 732 613 4500

    A three day school will be offered by The University of Toledo, in Toledo Ohio, on April 12 to 14, 2005. Information is available from or call 419 321 5138. ask for Regina

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    Another option to traveling and attending a 3 to 4 day class is to take an "on-line " study course. On-line courses cover the same material but at a lower cost and offer more flexibility.


    A. T. Agarwal
    Consulting Engineer
    Pneumatic Conveying Consultants

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