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Thread: Troublesome Materials

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    BrianHRutledge Guest

    Troublesome materials.

    I have experience unloading troublesome materials from rail or truck, including but not limited to settleable slurries like TiO2, and dry starch or dry pigments.

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    Jan van Heerden - RSA Guest

    You are making a statement, and not asking a question


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    Marco Aurelio Flores-Verdugo

    Marco Aurelio Flores-Verdugo


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    when you experience solids flow problems, you either activate or redesign your bins and hoppers. If your slurry is falling out of suspension, try to reentrain, some slurries react favorably to vibration , some others all the way arround, try a simple house hold experiment , mix your solid , lets say corn starch with soy sauce and try stirring it with a spoon, the slkurry will turn solid and even look dry, so just try some simple experiments, and you will soon find your solution.


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    andrew123 Guest

    Re: Can we offer a solution?

    Gough Engineering manufactures and exports a wide range of materials handling and process equipment for the food, pharmaceutical, chemical and plastic industries. Our strengths are based on a unique range of bucket elevating, conveying and distribution systems (Swinglink, Slidelink) and a highly sophisticated range of vibratory sieves and separators (Vibrecon). Please feel free to peruse our website via the following link....

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