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Thread: Fully-split Shaft Seals Acommodate Thermal Growth On Dryer Shafts

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    Fully-Split Shaft Seals Acommodate Thermal Growth On Dryer Shafts

    MECO custom shaft seals offer complete containment of dry powders and bulk solids, on dryers and other rotating equipment, where traditional packings fail to seal. Seals are available fully-split to simplify and speed installation and maintenance without disturbing the bearing or drive assembly.


    All MECO seals are custom-designed and manufactured to each application. MECO incorporates up to 6mm of total runout/misalignment capacity into its seal designs. Seals will also accommodate significant radial shock loads. The seal face pressures are fully-adjustable with no disassembly. In dryer applications, MECO's patented Mechanical Drive system is frequently used to accommodate the significant thermal shaft growth and pressure-vacuum cycles common in this equipment.

    Unlike traditional mechanical seals, MECO seal faces are soft, fault-tolerant and almost impossible to break.

    MECO custom shaft seals are available factory-installed on better machinery and from Woodex Bearing Company, Inc.
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