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Thread: Conveyor Chain Roller Quotation

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    Conveyor Chain Roller Quotation

    DATE* : 30-03-2003
    TO**** *:BULK-ONLINE.

    SUBJECT : INQUIRY NO.(CM/088/2002)

    Dear Sirs ;

    In reference to the captioned , please you are kindly & urgently requested to furnish us with your quotation as follow:

    Qty.= 2000 PCS

    Offers should be under the following conditions :-

    a) Full compliance with the determined specifications of the demand (please mention the weight )

    b) Price should be calculated on (C&F) basis. Destination is Hodiedah Air Port.

    c) Delivery time required :as soon as possible .

    d) Advance notice for the date of shipment should be dispatched to us with the ordinary documents in time .

    c) Your offer should arrive to us within ( 7 DAYS) .

    Hoping to receive your quotation soon through our e-mail :ALBARHCEMENT@Y.NET.YE*or our fax No.(04)355004/5.

    Best Regards,

    BCP Director General
    Dr.Ali M.MUGAWAR

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    conveyor chain roller

    Dear Sirs

    we are a company specialised in manufacturing bucket
    elevators an components.

    Please send us your inquiry if still alive.

    best regards

    E - mail :
    web site :

  3. roller chains

    dear sir,
    we have long experience in such materials , please send us your formal inq. along with the drawings to our e-mail address below & we will quote you as soon as possible
    Best Regards

    United suppliers for engineering materials
    Amer bin malek st.
    Khalda - qudah building
    P.o.Box: 2444,Amman: 11821,Jordan
    Tel.: +962 6 5560030
    Fax: +962 6 5560040 Jordan / +1 801 327 0714 USA

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