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Thread: Pressure Drops in Tapered Pipe Sections

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    Mark Kilfoil Guest

    Pressure Drops In Tapered Pipe Sections


    The pressure drop in a parallel pipe can be converted to a force (F = P.A). This force acts parallel to the axis of the pipe and parallel to the pipe walls.

    In a tapered pipe - eg. a reducing section between a large and small diameter, pressure drop can also be converted to force. In which direction does the force act - parallel to the axis of the pipe or parallel to the walls ?


    Mark Kilfoil

  2. Pressure drop in tapered pipe

    In the same way that a pressure drop in a fluid passing along a length of pipe acts to produce an axial force on the pipe, so an axial force is essentially produced by a pressure drop in a tapered section of pipe. One has only to consider sections at each end to appreciate that the differential must be balanced by an axial force acting along the pipe that must be constrained by an external support.

    If it is of interest, the local reaction on a surface can be obtained by resolving the forces acting at any point. In the case of a parallel pipe the radial pressure and frictional drag will resolve to a diagonal reaction. The local reaction will tend to be more inclined in the case of a taper pipe because, in additional to the pressure drop due to surface friction there is a force difference due to the differing end diameters. The operating pressure is normal to the slope of the pipe surface, the frictional drag is parallel to the pipe and the extra unbalanced force due to the diametrical difference acts in line with the pipe axis.

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