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Thread: Gentle Reduction of Agglomerate Size

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    nmbnmb Guest

    gentle reduction of agglomerate size

    We convey 2 tons/h of a spray dried modified starch through a low dense pneumatic system with ambient air. The particles are agglomerates with a loose grape structure - and low bulk density - and with a low mechanical strength. We want to reduce particle size >just a little< in order to increase final powder bulk density - a little.
    Use of built-in mills is not possible.
    Has anybody experience with in-line static impingement for a gentle particle size reducion in a 100mm (4"inch) pneumatic conveyor ?
    Thanks in advance

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    gentle reduction of agglomerate size

    Thought of using a cyclone at the receiving end?

    Michael Reid.

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    Dennis Hauch - Freeport, TX, USA Guest

    Particle Size Reduction


    I would suggest that a particle size distribution (PSD) measurement be made of the starch both before and after conveying. If there is a noticeable shift in the PSD, it follows that increasing the conveying velocity will increase particle degradation. The beauty of this approach is that the desired PSD can be approached incrementally.

    Best regards,

    Dennis Hauch

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    Patrick Cole Guest

    gentle reduction of agglomerate size


    We have done more attriction of powders (milk powders in Denmark) Here we had spool peices of zig, zag shape which we could insert into the convey line instead of a streight section as close to the end of the line as possible. We had 6 peices we could put in but only used 3-4 dependant on the strenght of agglomerate. This worked well as long as the drier was stable.
    Patrick Cole
    Colby Powder Systems

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