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Thread: Nyrim ® Impact & Wear Resistant Material

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    Nyrim ® Impact & Wear Resistant Material

    Dr. Wohlbier:

    DSM RIM Nylon is raw material supplier for Nyrim ®. We are part of DSM in The Netherlands.

    I would like to inform you about the unique properties of Nyrim ®. Details on some potential applications in bulk materials handling can be sent separately.

    Nyrim ® is a rubber toughened, recyclable, Nylon thermoplastic for industrial Reaction Injection Molding (RIM), Injection Molding and Rotomolding applications. Nyrim ® usually contains 10-40% built-in elastomer, depending on the specific performance needs.

    The stiffness/toughness combination of Nylon-6 and elastomer gives excellent:
    • Impact resistance
    • Wear resistance
    • Repetitive load (fatigue) endurance

    RIM processing is the preferred method to manufacture large, complex (3-D) or thick parts and allows for a large design flexibility. Nyrim ® can be used to make more complex 3-D parts than is possible with conventional impact and wear resistant materials. The unique possibilities of Nyrim ® are illustrated at

    Some important questions are:

    • Which players would be interested in this type of materials
    • Which ones are known to be innovative
    • How can we reach them
    • How can The Powder/Bulk Portal be supportive to that.

    We thank you for your cooperation.

    Jorn Boesten
    Product Manager RIM Nylon

    Marco Houben
    Application Development RIM Nylon

    DSM RIM Nylon
    Poststraat 1, Sittard
    P.O. Box 43,
    NL-6310 AA Sittard,
    The Netherlands
    Phone +31 (46) 4770035,
    Telefax +31 (46) 4770033

  2. We provide wear resistance solution against severe abrasion and impact by fixing laminated wear plate to ASTM specification A 532 type 2 with Chromium 14 to 18%and Molybdenum 2.5 to 3.5 %, metallurgical bonded having hardness 700 Brinell to a mild steel backing plate. The bond joint is strong metallurgical bond with > 33,000 psi . Further details can be discussed on receipt of your confirmation by E-mail.

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