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Thread: Packing Machinery for Pozzolana Aggregate

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    Packing Machinery for Pozzolana Aggregate

    We are pleased to introduce ourselves as a supplier of Pozzolana aggregate (a volcanic rock stone) being used in blocks and cement manufacturing.

    We are looking for Packing Machinery (new or used) for this product from 5 kg to 50 kgs) from Germany.

    Hope to hear from you soon.

    Thank you very much.

    Mohammed A. Al-Namlah
    General Manager
    Bunyan Al-Jazeerah Est.
    Madinah, Saudi Arabia


  2. packing machines

    Dear sir,
    We are pleased to introduce ourselves as one of leading company from India manufacturing electronic packing machines with more then 500 installations of our packing machines in various countries like India,Dubai,malesia,Africa,Bangladesh,Bhutan etc. We can offer yor packing machines to pack material in valve type bags or Open mouth bags. We supply machines in 3 packing ranges as given below as well as Jumbo bag filling machines.
    1)1kg to 5 kgs.
    2)5 kgs to 20kgs.
    3)25 kgs to 50 kgs.

    Please send your enquiry with Bulk density and partical size of material to be packed alongwith required packing/bagging capacity in terms of tonnes per hour along with size of bag.

    Uday Sanghavi.
    Nutan Chemical Compound,
    Walbhat Road,

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    SheldonGarriott Guest

    Packing Machnery for Pozzolana aggregate

    Dear Mr. Mohammed A. Al-Namlah:

    Newlong is the world's largest open mouth packaging machinery manufacturer, with over 5,000 automated lines world wide + thousands of manual & semi-automated lines. We make these machines in our Indiana, USA plant, but do not ship to Germany or Saudi Arabia as that is handled by our Japanese office.

    If we can be of help, please contact Hiroyasu Sugihara at
    Newlong Machine Works, Ltd.
    Tokyo, Japan
    Phone +81-3-3843-0260

    Sheldon Garriott
    American-Newlong, Inc.

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