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Thread: Bulk Coal Discharge

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    Bulk Coal Discharge

    I am writing from PT Newmont Indonesia. We are an operating copper and gold mine in Sumbawa.

    We are currently discharging bulk coal (22,000 T per barge) *by Front End Loaders. There must be a more cost effective method to this current practice. Can you direct this inquiry to one of your major subscribers if they can advise us of more cost fficient discharge methods.

    Thank you!
    Bernie Ng
    PT Newmont Nusa Tenggara

  2. Dear Bernie Ng,

    There are quite a few numbers of companies to deal with your said material handling requirement, who will respond to your need. Few names as I know are as below: (this does not signify particular suggestion).

    1. Koch - Germnay
    2. Krupp - Germany
    3. Dravo - USA
    4. Babcock Moxey U.K
    5. Buhler Switzerland
    6. etc.

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    Dear Bernie Ng,

    Allow us to take the liberty of adding ourselves on the list of reclaiming specialists.
    Silexport International has developped the vibrating floor technology VIBRAFLOOR, which reclaims the largest variety of granular & powdery products, such as coal. It can be installed in all types of ships, silos, stockpiles or containers.
    You may view exemples at Will gladly inform you further.
    Jean-Claude Poncet

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    S Atkinson Guest

    Coal unloader

    Also METSO Minerals, Worldwide.

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