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Thread: Dry Concrete Mix

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    bill jones Guest

    dry concrete mix

    we currently use a pneumatically powered machine to transfer dry concrete powder, max aggregate size 4mm, at up to 4 t/hr through 50mm id hose up to 140m distance.

    How can we increase the conveyance distance say up to 400-500m

    Any advice would be welcome

  2. Dear Bill,
    what is the capacity from your blower?
    You have try it to blow the material with your blower over this distance?
    If you lost to much pressure you can build in your pipe after the distance you have lost the pressure a secondary nozzle to put in new pressure in the pipe.
    It will be intersting to know more about your pipe. How much meter will be horicontal and vertical.
    If you will be interest send us a drawing about your pipe. We can quote you the secondary nozzles for the pipe
    Best regards

  3. Dear Mr. Jones,
    Their are some possibilities to increase the length of conveying to 400 or 500 m:
    1.) Keep piping and increase pressure (depends on the machinery that you currently using for transport)
    2.) Keep pressure and increase airflow (and pipe diameter)

    If you are interested in the limits of your existing machinery, please let us know the design values of your equipment and the operating data.
    We can do some calculations on this basic data.
    Best regards
    Klaus Schneider

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    Dennis Hauch - Freeport, TX, USA Guest

    Dry Cement System Extension


    In your thread you did not state the conveying pressure at 4 tph and 140m. Increasing the conveying distance to 400m or 500m could easily increase the conveying pressure an order of magnitude depending on the arrangement of the pipe extension.

    An efficient design approach is based on using as much of the available pressure as possible. If, for example, 10 bar pressure is available, we might design the conditions at pickup for, say, 9 bar and 2 m/s. Then, to manage the downstream conveying velocity, the pipe would be stepped in 12mm increments to 100mm at the end. This would yield a terminal velocity of approximately 5 m/s.

    I trust my input is still timely for you.

    Best regards,

    Dennis Hauch

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