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Thread: Splice Joint Strength : Textile Belting

  1. Splice Joint Strength : Textile Belting

    Can anyone let me know any standard procedure for testing the static (or dynamic) spliced joint strength of a multi-ply textile reinforced rubber conveyor belt ?

  2. Splice Joint Strength : Textile Belting

    Dear Kayem,

    There are differents methods to determine the strentgh of a splicing. If you want further information please contact the belt manufacturers like Goddyear, Contitech oder Phoenix or look on the web site of nordell. You will find some pictures. Personally I'm recommand to test the splice with a minimum width of 500 mm in order to have real conditions. As example, with a mechanical fastener you will have better results on a small belt. The strength will mostly drop if you test a real size.

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