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Thread: Conveyor Belt Technology book

  1. Posted by Mr. I.G. Mulani on April 17, 2000 at 13:04:02:

    I am preparing a manuscript for a book
    on Belt Conveyor Technology to be published
    by Trans Tech Publications Germany
    at the end of 2000.

    I invite you to send me your catalogs, leaflets, technical information, etc. which may possibly be introduced into this book.

    Please use my email address or my postal address:

    Mr. I.G. Mulani
    Chief Engineer
    Krupp India Pvt. Ltd.
    C-1/204 Nikash Lawns
    Sus Road, Pashan
    Pune - 411 021

    Tel: + 91 20 588 74 51

    I look forward to your material.
    Time is of the essence. The book will have
    about 500 pages in print, A4 format.
    Kind regards,
    I.G. Mulani

    PS: The publishers, Trans Tech Publications of Germany,
    ( will include paid
    advertisements at the end of this book to give
    the planning engineer important addresses of relevant
    suppliers, consultants, etc. Please contact Dr. R.H.
    Wohlbier and express your interest in participating
    in this project which will also lead to the lowest
    possible retail price for this book which is essential
    for selling the book on a worldwide scale, also in low income countries.

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    BIKON-Technik GmbH Guest

    Re: Conveyor Belt Technology book

    Posted by BIKON-Technik GmbH, Mr. Z. Dizdarevic on April 18, 2000 at 05:59:39:

    In Reply to: Conveyor Belt Technology book posted by Mr. I.G. Mulani on April 17, 2000 at 13:04:02:

    Dear Mr. Mulani,

    we will send a catalogue of our product range:
    Locking devices, Shrink disk, Locking bolts, Flange couplings, Shaft coupling etc. by mail.

    This catalogue contans reports and technical data of locking devices and its behaviour in process applicated in belt drums and drives.

    Best regards,
    BIKON-Technik GmbH

    Zlatko Dizdarevic

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