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Thread: Conveyor Belt Design Methodology

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    anand Guest

    conveyor belt design methodology

    i am a fresher and new to this field of conveyor belt design, i want to know the expert opinion of how to proceed with the designing, are there any papers, any collections of design methodology, formulas for designing , if the conveyor has to horizontal,span is 75 fts, for 8,10and 12 tph,
    how may plyes should be used , how should be the motor, gear box and coupling be selected?

    kind regards

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    conveyor belt design methology

    Dear Anand
    You may find answers to all your questions in the book:
    Belt Conveyors for Bulk Materials.
    The book is published by CEMA(Conveying Equipment
    Manufacturers Association),located in


    S. Bar
    Chief Engineer
    Ludan engineering LTD.

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    Author Guest

    Conveyor Belt Design Methology

    Dear Anand,

    You will find even more useful material in our Bookshop at

    and very specifically in the eLibrary at

    This is the most important collection of hundreds of excellent
    articles which you can all order individually.

    Also the new book by Mr. Mulani will be of help:

    Happy reading!

    Reinhard H. Whlbier

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    Check out CEMA's website at

    Gary Blenkhorn

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    anand Guest

    design method

    Really the information post by Bar,Wohlbier and Gary were very much usefull, i am going thru the books and literature, i will ask difficulties if any
    Thanks And Regards

  6. I think you will be able to get a good grounding in the basics of conveyor theory by going to:


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    George Baker

    George Baker

    Vice President- Corporate Communications

    Assinck Ltd. [eDir]

    Assinck Ltd.

    Professional Experience 39 Years / 8 Month George Baker has 39 Years and 8 Month professional experience

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    Hello: if you give me the scope of your project........... i would be happy to answer all of your questions with our company's 75 years of conveyor building expertise.

    The plus part is, we can definitely answer your areas of question and save you the reading .... if speed is of the essence.

    Sincerely, George Baker, ASSINCK Limited

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    Lawrence K. Nordell

    Lawrence K. Nordell

    President and CEO

    Conveyor Dynamics Inc. [eDir]

    Conveyor Dynamics Inc.

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    Belt Conveyor Analysis & Design

    Dear Anand:

    You can receive a good tutorial on the subject from a study using the BELtSTAT computer software program @: You can download the DEMO package free of charge. The HELP menu can give you background information. The program is based on CEMA noted by others. In many areas, it goes beyond CEMA.

    Many large engineering companies and manufacturing companies use it. Its foundations were developed in 1966. The foundations are continuing to be upgraded. It incorporates technology beyond the published standards. Look at the list of major installations and their complexities on our website to get a feel of its scope.

    Give feedback on your thoughts. Explore and comment on future enhancements that provoke your interest.

    With Regards,
    Lawrence Nordell
    Conveyor Dynamics, Inc.

  9. Dear Anand,

    The book 'Engineering Science and Application Design for Belt Conveyors' authored by me, could be a good guide for you and should answer most of your questions. It is a 650 pages book with 360 figures and numerous solved examples for practical needs.
    You may get in touch with me, in case you are interested in buying it.
    The post from Dr. R H Wohlbier also mentions about this book.

    I G Mulani.
    Author - Book on 'Engineering Science and Application Design for Belt Conveyors'

  10. Conveyor belt design

    Mr. Anand,
    CEMA, as suggested by Mr.Gary is good, but if you go by soft ware, then you cannot learn any thing.So I suggest that you go through the following:
    1) Material handling .. by Spivakovaski
    2)IS: 11592 or ISO 5048
    3)Book by our member Mr. I.G.Mulani
    Learn first from book & then to save time use soft ware.

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