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Thread: Processing a Fruit Called a Choke Cherry

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    Processing a Fruit Called a Choke Cherry

    We are having difficulties handling a food product.

    We are processing a fruit called a choke cherry. It has a pit the same size as a regular cherry but is smaller with a lot less meat to it.

    We have to heat process in a kettle and then move it to a paddle finisher. We need a ??pump,?? auger system as the diaphragm pump we are trying to use now just keeps jamming up.

    Can you help us with some suggestions.

    Shirley Alton
    Prairie Natural Processing
    Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

    Phone 1 780 998 2782
    Fax 1 789 998 7776

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    Steve Davis

    Steve Davis, B.Eng., P.Eng., CEng, CPEng, FIMechE, FIEAust

    Bulk Materials Handling Specialist

    Safe Sulphur L.L.C. [eDir]

    Safe Sulphur L.L.C.
    Have you considered a progressive cavity pump such as Mono?

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    Food Fruit Processing

    I dont have an answer to your question available myself, but maybe you can find some information at this food processing site:

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