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Thread: Filling Machines Romania

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    Filling Machines and Distributorship for Romania

    Dear Sir,

    Please allow me to introduce myself:* my name is Sergiu Goras and I work with my own company Mecanotek 2002 Srl , specialized in granting technical consultancy, promotion and selling industrial equipment.* I am an exclusive representative in Romania for Flexicon Europe, England, exclusive distributorship for Moro fans Italy, agent for Kemutec - UK and Kason Europe, UK. A lot of equipment like:Filling machine 1-2 kg (wheat flour, sugar, etc.) and 25-30 kg (cement, gypsum, granular fodder) are in demand on the Romanian market. Therefore, we are interested in the promotion* of your equipment, in completion with the above said. I am conscious of your equipment quality and personally , I have a great professional experience, because I have worked 15 years with simmilar equipment produced in C.E. , such as: APV Bakers, PPS, Gerike, Anker Germany, Oliver&Battle, etc. , and I am specialized in processing, handling and storage of dry bulk solids* for various fields of activity, filling and packaging for food industry.

    If you might see a possible cooperation in this field by establishing and development of a representative in Romania , or in any other way , I would respectfully ask you to send me your cooperation conditions and clauses.******** ***********

    Also , I kindly ask you to send me a complete technical* data of your equipments , catalogues, CD, video, prospects and leaflets for my doing business.

    Untill now , I realised that the customer wants a competitive discount (the best price that is possible to achieve). Therefore, it would be interesting to have a sliding scale of commission and customer discount, shared between me and you. Hoping I have been correct understandable, I have* the request to tell me more about this matter.

    Assuring of my best intentions all the times and my highest regard ,let me take this opportunity say that I hope this is the beginning of a long and mutual profitable relationship .

    For the beginning, I am very interested for my customers , for :

    1.Semi-automatic filling machine for paper bags,with technical data :

    ** paper bags for 25-30 kg; gravimetric filling; material to be filled: granular fodder with

    ** 12-18% moisture content, capacity 10-15 bag/min, including sewing device, electrical enclonsure IP 50, feeding from silo. Optional: closing device with adhesive(sticker).

    2.Automatic filling machine in paper bags with follow features:

    ** material to be filled:wheat flou, capacity:1-2 kg, type bag with rectangular bottom, productivity:20pcs/ min. Filling machine must includes follow devices:store room for paper bags,taking over and blow up bag device, gravimetric filling device, vibrating bags, closing device for rectangular upper part using adhesive (stand up bags ).

    For 1, 2,* positions , I kindly request for the best quotation you can offer , including technical features, delivery time , shipping costs, payment conditions, warranty , etc.

    Looking forward to a favourable answer , I thank you in advance , and remain,

    Yours faithfully,

    Sergiu Goras

    BL.46 , AP.12
    PIATRA NEAM*, 5600

    PHONE/FAX : +40 233 225740
    MOBIL NUMBER : +40 744 250578
    E-MAIL :***

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    mark wild Guest
    Dear Sir,

    Please take a look at our website

    We have supplied approx. 25 packing lines already to Romania for the packing of wheat flour and sugar.

    We will be very happy to receive your news.

    With best regards,

    Mark Wild

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